Dylan Gunning HeadshotDylan Gunning
President 2017/2018
Rotary Club of Moorpark Morning

My Fellow Rotarians,

What would happen if our club disappeared?  Who would be impacted?  As I begin my year as president I want us all to think upon that question.  Our club has value because each and every member is valuable.  What we do for the community is valuable.

My goal for the coming year is to grow the club not only in membership but in our impact.  I want us to be noticed and understood to be the club the does the most for the community even with the little amount of resources we control.  I see our club as being so ingrained in the fabric of Moorpark and the surrounding area that when people hear Moorpark Morning Rotary they think that this is the club that helped our town reach its potential.

To me, Rotary is about community.  Rotary is about networking.  Rotary is about having fun.  Have you ever heard someone who had such an infectious laugh that when you heard it you could not help but to laugh?  I want our community spirit to be like a good laugh.  When people see our impact they want to join in and continue our hard work for years to come.

I am honored to be your president this year.  Together, I know we can make a difference.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Dylan Gunning
President 2017/2018

There is no longer any need to check the club website calendar, now these events will be populated right to you phone and computer!

For those that need assistance, here is how you install it:

  • Go to www.google.com/calendar and login to your Google account.
  • On the left side there will be a sidebar.  The 3rd section down is titled “Other Calendars”.  Click the menu button to the right of the heading and select “Add By URL”.

Add Calendar 1


  • Copy and paste the ICAL Link above into the URL Box and click “Add Calendar”.

Add Calendar 2


  • That’s it!  If you are using a calendar on your phone and have your Google account connected it will start showing (you may need to tell it to sync).


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phf_pinHello Rotarians!  As we approach the end of our Rotary year it is time to determine if you are going to be able to give or receive a Paul Harris Fellow recognition this year.


What is a Paul Harris Fellow?

In brief, it is a recognition The Rotary Foundation bestows upon Rotarians who financially support Rotary International.  For contributing $1,000 you contribute you get a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition.  If you contribute another $1,000 you get a PHF +1 recognition, etc.  Here is more detailed information about Paul Harris Fellows from Rotary International.


How can I get a Paul Harris Fellow this year?

Here is a copy of The Rotary Foundation’s Club Recognition Summary Report.  It summarizes the recognition to date you have received.

Moorpark Field of Valor Flyer 2017

Event will honor fallen veterans with a flag display

Moorpark – The Moorpark Morning Rotary Club announces that it will be hosting the first ever Field of Valor in Moorpark. This event will take place on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017, and is a public display of 200 American Flags. These flags will be set up for the entire day on Memorial Day at Tierra Rejada Park as a tribute to veterans of the Unites States Military who have passed away – either in service or through natural causes.

Members of the public are welcome to attend an opening ceremony on Monday, May 29 at 12pm. A procession will carry the flags into the park and various dignitaries and service members will speak. Members of the public are also invited to purchase one of the 200 flags in honor of someone who served in the United States Military. Flags must be purchased before the event at www.MoorparkFieldofValor.org and may be taken home after the event.

bolio header

Have fun at a bowling competition and also raise money for polio eradication… Bolio!

Rotarians and community members from Moorpark and Simi Valley will compete to win the highest point total team, highest point total individual and the coveted Team Spirit Award!

The required donation is $50 to Polio Plus and you will receive free games and shoes.