MembershipWe are excited that you are considering membership in the Moorpark Morning Rotary Club.  Membership in our club will make you a member of Rotary International, which has over 1 million members in over 100 countries.

Types of Membership

We offer 2 types of membership into Moorpark Morning Rotary Club.

Basic Membership

Cost:  $80 per month plus a $50 initiation fee.

This is the most common membership in Moorpark Morning Rotary Club.  This type of membership is includes breakfast at the weekly Thursday morning meetings (4 each month).  Billing is made via automatic payment on a credit card of your choice.

Business or Family Membership

Cost:  $100 per month plus $50 per person initiation fee.

This is a new type of Rotary Club membership.  For a small increase of $20 per month, you may register up to 3 members of your business or your family under the same membership.  All 3 people will enjoy the benefits of Rotary membership and the group will receive 4 breakfasts per month.  Additional breakfasts are billed at $10 per meal.  Billing is made via automatic payment on a credit card of your choice.

This type of membership is designed for coworkers who do not expect to attend all 4 meetings each month and want to share the cost of multiple memberships.

Lucky Fools Pub DiscountLucky Fools Pub Logo

All members of the Moorpark Morning Rotary Club (business or basic membership) receive a 10% discount on all food, drink and liquor purchases at Lucky Fools Pub.  Just ask your sever for the Rotary Club Discount!

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