Apr 18, 2024
Sonny Horses 4 Kids

Laura and Russell Libby are native Californians who grew up in the San Fernando Valley and have been residents of Ventura County for over 25 years.


Russell went to San Diego State and majored in business and architecture. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Russell has owned and operated many businesses from clothing stores to automobile dealerships. As an artist he has designed and created metal artwork that can be found in businesses, ranches, and homes across the country.


Laura went to Pierce College and has enjoyed a lengthy career in business development, staffing, management, HR, coaching and training. She has served on several non profit boards for Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) and Employment Advisory Council (EAC.) 


People will tell you that Laura & Russell Libby live their lives “Cowboy Style.” Navigating the wild ride, getting the job done, while always being at each other’s side. They are somewhat of a throwback couple that is keen on hard work and saying “yes” to helping others.


In 2022 Russell, Laura and Sonny Boy started the non-profit Sonny Horses 4 Kids. This has now become their lives’ work as they passionately advocate to unite children with Law Enforcement and creating positive interactions and relationships while bringing smiles to children’s faces. Their motto is “one child at a time, and no child left behind.”