phf_pinHello Rotarians!  As we approach the end of our Rotary year it is time to determine if you are going to be able to give or receive a Paul Harris Fellow recognition this year.


What is a Paul Harris Fellow?

In brief, it is a recognition The Rotary Foundation bestows upon Rotarians who financially support Rotary International.  For contributing $1,000 you contribute you get a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition.  If you contribute another $1,000 you get a PHF +1 recognition, etc.  Here is more detailed information about Paul Harris Fellows from Rotary International.


How can I get a Paul Harris Fellow this year?

Here is a copy of The Rotary Foundation’s Club Recognition Summary Report.  It summarizes the recognition to date you have received.

Summary Blank

Click on the image above to see the detail in the report.

Club Presidents can get a copy of their Club Recognition Summary Report at the following location: > For Members > Club & District Administration > Reports > Contributions & Recognition > Club Giving > Club Recognition Summary

For your convenience, here is a direct link to the location on  You will be required to login.

  Reports Direct Link


In the version of the report below, the column titled “Recognition Amount” has been circled.  This is the amount of points each club member has received to date.

Summary Recognition Amount Circled

Click on the image to see a full size version of the report.

If you are interested in receiving a Paul Harris Fellow, or if you wanted to receive your next level of Paul Harris Fellow, all you have to do is donate the amount required to hit the next increment of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.

For example, on the report above Jody Cutler has $5,944.50 in total recognition dollars.  With a donation of $55.50 to The Rotary Foundation, Jody can become a Paul Harris Fellow + 5.  In another example, Adam Haverstock has $1,140 in total recognition.  Adam would need to donate $860 to the Rotary Foundation to get his Paul Harris Fellow + 1.

You can make a contribution by sending a check and a completed Rotary Foundation Contribution Form (Form 123en).

  Download Form 123en

If you are interested in getting your next Paul Harris Fellow, let your club President or Foundation Chair know and they will assist you in making the necessary contribution.


Giving the gift of a Paul Harris Fellow

In addition to receiving a Paul Harris Fellow, you contributions to The Rotary Foundation give you points that you can award to others.  These points, when in excess of 1,000 will give that person a Paul Harris Fellow.  These points can be given to another person in your rotary club, or any rotary club to assist them in achieving Paul Harris Fellow status.  Additionally, many Rotarians give the gift of 1,000 points and a Paul Harris Fellow to a non-Rotarian as a form of recognition.  Many choose to give Paul Harris Fellows to their spouses, family members, or members of their local community.

In the report version below, the “Foundation Recognition Points Available” section has been circled.

Summary Points Available

Click on the image to see a full size version of the report.

This column tells you how many points you have to give to others.  There is a minimum of 100 points per transfer.

Here is an example.  In the Club Recognition Summary above, Daniel Groff has 1,450 points available to transfer to someone.  He can transfer them to another Rotarian in the club to help them get to an incremental recognition amount of 1,000 or he can give 1,000 points to someone else outside of Rotary and that person will be given a Paul Harris Fellow.

In another example, Robert Babcock has 388 recognition points available.  His fellow Rotarian David Pollock has a recognition amount of 700 (300 short of a Paul Harris Fellow).  Robert could transfer 300 or more points of his 388 points to David Pollock and David would receive a Paul Harris Fellow.  Robert does not have the 1,000 points required to give a Paul Harris Fellow to a non-Rotarian.

In order to transfer points to another person, a Rotarian needs to fill out the Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Transfer Request Form (Form 102en).

  Download Form 102en


Do you have additional questions?

You probably have additional questions.  Please reach out to your club President or Foundation Chair.  They should be able to assist you with determining how many recognition points you have and with a points transfer request.  Also check out this Foundation Recognition Points Fact Sheet Rotary has put together.  You question may also be answered there.