Adam HeadshotAdam Haverstock
President 2016/2017
Rotary Club of Moorpark Morning

My Fellow Rotarians,

I am very excited about the coming year as President of our club. As your president, I will feel I have been successful if we all can accomplish 2 things: Have Fun and Love Rotary. That’s it.

I assure you that I believe in the service mission of rotary, and we will continue to serve our community — but there is no point to service if you are not having fun and loving the club.

From you all, I ask 2 things. First, Communicate honestly and often. Tell me what you think, and don’t beat around the bush. Things only get better when I know what needs work. Second, participate. Whether it be meetings, socials, service projects, or getting a beer after an event — be there!

Individually we can travel fast, but together we can travel far.

I am looking forward to an exciting year!!